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Are you ready for the MOST EROTIC MASSAGE available in Devon?

The Japanese Nuru Massage is widely accepted as the most erotic massage in the world. Originating decades ago in Kawasaki, Japan, and formally being primarily for the elite, it has become one of the most sought after and expensive massages in Japan. Often described as the ultimate pleasure in life due to its eroticism and equally considered to be better in many instances than actual sex, every inch of a client's body is caressed and explored in the most intimate and erotic way, creating intense waves of pleasure.

However, a Nuru Massage is totally different than ANY other erotic massage you may have experienced before. The massage is given on a special slippery mattress custom designed for the massage, where both client and masseuse are covered with a unique Nori seaweed based clear gel, which has neither odour or taste, enabling the masseuse to massage the client by means of sliding continually over him, grinding, sliding and rubbing their bodies together for the duration of the massage. 

Here at Devon Sensual Massage I am now offering the authentic Japanese Nuru Erotic Massage for my clients, the only professional masseuse to do so in the South West.


What to expect during your Nuru Massage with me

Your massage will begin with a sensual shared shower with me, affording you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with my body and touchjapanese nuru massage with katrina, and connect sensually. I will then lead you into my massage room, an oasis of sensuality and love, with candles and soft sensual music in the background. After giving you a brief full body massage to relax you further as you lay on the Nuru mattress, I will pour warm Nuru Gel over your body which will raise your levels of both arousal and sensitivity. I slowly massage the gel into every part of your body with my fingers and then pour the Nuru Gel over my body from head to toe. Using every part of my body to massage you as you lay on your front, your thoughts will be only of increasing levels of eroticism as my glistening breasts, buttocks, groin and legs slip, slide and grind all over you, creating pleasures where you never imagined any existed. Intense body to body contact is maintained throughout the massage.

Half way through your massage I will ask you to turn over and lay on your back and after pouring more warm gel over both our bodies, I continue sliding up and down, across and sideways over your body. This half of your Nuru massage is extremely intimate and you will savour every moment of the pleasure you are receiving, as there is nothing more sensual or erotic than having me slide my gel-soaked body all over you. Guaranteed. After we have soaked up the euphoria of your Nuru Massage we shower together again for one last time and your experience is complete.


Couples Nuru Erotic Massage

Just imagine watching your partner laying on a gel-soaked special mattress, their body covered with slippery Nuru gel, while I slide my gel covered body up and down, side to side and across, sitting astride their waist and massaging their body with my breasts, buttocks, groin and torso, stimulating levels of eroticism in both of you that you didn't even know existed. And then it is time for you both to change places and you give yourself up to enjoy the erotic pleasure. Absolutely nothing can beat the sensations a couple will enjoy in this highly erotic session together.

Welcome to the world of Japanese Nuru Erotic Massage......... 

For the ultimate in erotic massage for a couple I offer the chance for both of you to enjoy a gel soaked erotic body to body massage with me with both of you covered in sensual Nuru Gel laying on the Nuru mattress and being massaged by me, also soaked in the Gel. This truly is the ultimate in Couples massage. Don't just take my word for it. Try it! 


Health Benefits

A Nuru Massage has considerable health benefits, as well as the obvious pleasurable delights it affords the client. The seaweed base of the Nuru Gel is great for the skin due to the various natural nutrients it contains, and is in fact an essential ingredient in many of the best moisturizing products on the market today. It is also instrumental in improving blood circulation, removing harmful toxins and improving the function of vital organs. The combination of the seaweed gel and the massage can also stimulate recovery and aid healing of tired and aching muscles. The massage itself helps remove stress and anxiety due to the sensuality involved and of course is without doubt one of the best means of promoting total relaxation.

A Nuru Massage has been clinically proven to improve sexual functions and ailments, such as Erectile Dysfunction and Premature and Delayed Ejaculation. One of the aims of a Nuru Massage is to prolong and enjoy pleasure for as long as possible.

Here at Devon Sensual Massage I only use genuine Nuru Gel products containing Nori seaweed, specially imported from Japan, for my Nuru Massages. Please note a Nuru Erotic Massage is not a sexual service.



One person

One hour Japanese Nuru Massage                                 £150

One and a half hour Japanese Nuru Massage                £175

Two hours Japanese Nuru Massage                               £225


Two persons (Couple) massaged together.

One and a half hour Japanese Nuru Massage                £175

Two hours Japanese Nuru Massage                               £225


In order to protect the identity of my clients I only accept payment in cash. 




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